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Web2 — Figma Airchat ChatGPT Web3 — Farcaster Mirror Zora

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Brick by Brick... 🧱 (Refresh Metadata)

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Welcome!!! 🙌

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Branded in Memory… 10 iconic logos. 156 Americans. 80 hours of drawing from memory.

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Thanks!!! Let’s Build Together!!! 🧱

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Mint what you love!!! ♥️ (Even if it is worthless)

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Welcome to Purple, @nounishprof!!! 👨‍🏫

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GM!!! 🌠

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Screenshot! 📸👌

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Designers frens!!! Would you like to belong to a community that will live only in Figma? Last days to mint… 🧱

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Because I turned my hobby into a profession. Because I like the process of transforming ideas into realities...

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Harto × BYN CIENTOUNO - Accumulation …

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Or Spanish? 🥘

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Thanks!!! 🧱 See you on Figma!!!

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* We are very happy to find the brand we designed for DAO Punks by Bankless in the center of the artwork! 🏴 As always, Chippi amazing! 🧡

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I loved this generative work that interacts with the movement and you can also download the capture. Highlight's progress is getting better and better!