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I like it all. I am curious, what was the reasoning for having a 10 billion coin supply?

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How about you earn a tag of some kind for garnering a certain amount of actions during a given epoch Eg. Purple retweet symbol for getting 100+ retweets during 1 month Then there’s meaning I know to follow Bob because Bob gets a lot retweets/likes/posts/GMs Unlike Twitter it’s a badge based on recurring merit

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Agree Tho we need micropayments like zaps Been using Damus the last two weeks It really can jump start the use of crypto And… A new economic engine for apps to avoid ads and data farming

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You missed nostr lol But ya that’s the thing. We’re all just recreating what already exists Sure it’s. a great MVP But we need something brand new There’s a word for that type of shift (I read it in a medium article not too long ago) Anywho - it needs: Social interaction Micro payment Media upload Fun

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Everyone is trying to reinvent Twitter (good MVP) but we actually need a brand-new-everything-social-media

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This has aged well: "Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world's standard. Which will be our greatest defeat, frankly, in 200 years"

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Very nice! btw found a small grammatical error on under FAQ. Just as an FYI if there's someone in charge of editing:


Another month, another 15/15 workouts ✅


What happens with this Trump indictment? -gets arrested -riots start -Trump runs from jail -Pushes the USD bankrupt narrative -starts idea of US seperation because of election fraud and fed reserve fraud Sounds far fetched but it really isn’t




Logging in with my mobile device @dwr worked well and was straight forward

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Bro this was five days ago

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The internet is all knowing it seems

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Woah. I’m sitting between i understanding what you write and having no clue about it Is it this: we accomplish more in shorter spurts of time so we have more action in each spurt of time; if time is the sum of actions then it feels like we’re slowing time? Kinda like: 10/t feels quicker then 100/t

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8/10 Removing standardized testing such as the SAT is actually very good. Standardized testing rewards false merit - it rewards people who game the SAT (or GMAT, LSAT), not those who are the smartest. We want to remove the SATs. We also want something that's better to replace it. The latter is what’s missing.

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Totally. I never realized how important semantics were until I started reading more tech/product focused writings

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I believe the early culture can prevail or at least have an impact on the future. Perhaps I’m naive

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Tbh I don’t understand what the diff is - was it just a rebrand. I missed the memo

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Sure. I’m receiving the following message in my DMs. “This message could not be decrypted.” What can I do to decrypt the message?

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McDonalds, it's not even fair Now ask me Who Has The Best caffeine free, root beer?