New episode of my "podcast about work" with my farmer brother. We've been doing it for a long time and has basically turned into a congenial brother chat once every couple weeks. Nonetheless, people seem to like it?


🛫BNA DCA 🛬 Wrapping up the latest The Ready full company retreat. Always nice to step out of the normal flow of work and look at things more holistically. Rejuvenated and excited to keep building this thing.


In the latest issue of The Deliberate I review a few patterns I’ve been practicing without necessarily realizing it. Less structure, more consistency, buying physical books again:

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Will be giving a talk about organization design at a video game-related conference in a few months and want to immerse myself in the reality of the audience as much as possible beforehand.

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Yep I grabbed that one in my buying spree, too!

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I remember really liking Blood, Sweat and Pixels. Hoping to find a few more like that. Thanks!


Best books about video game development? Particularly interested in books about orgs even over books about specific games. Want to go deep on the default organizational OS patterns in that industry.


Chaos is just another flavor of bureaucracy.


Really enjoyed this conversation with @pmillerd . Covered ground that these convos don’t usually hit: my teaching career, playing elite level hockey as a teenager and the regrets of bailing too quickly, plus all the usual organization design stuff:


Tomorrow morning a new issue of my newsletter, The Deliberate, drops. I do a quick retrospective of two deliberate patterns I experimented with in January and share a few other gems from across the internet:


Finally published another issue of my newsletter, The Deliberate: Sharing a couple of my articles from December and some from others that caught my eye.


2022 State of the Sam: Reflections on work, life, stuff I enjoyed, a new hobby, and much more.


Trying to wrap my mind around the last year or so of my time in the DAO org design world for an article I wan to write and mostly failing. Last fall was a wild time to get step into the blockchain world, eh?


If you care about org design and college football, then I've got the venn diagram intersection for you. From my colleague at The Ready: