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2 hours ago

It is super cool and has taken over our garage.

3 hours ago

I don’t know the intersection of Warpcast and knitting, but my wife launched her indie dyeing store last week and I want to share. the squirrel graphic was generated by midjourney, which was my contribution

10 hours ago

Anyone know web3 artists that can draw tarot card style art for a NFT project that nervous is thinking about doing for the lols?

10 hours ago

Cooking hot dogs and thinking about the Oscars

11 hours ago

Update on big presentation. It went well. I don’t know if that means I didn’t need the stress dreams or that the stress dreams worked.

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I don’t think that is just “everyone in crypto”. It is a misunderstanding that sucks because #adhd is poorly represented in media and so many people fake it for follows/likes.

1 day ago

Leading up to a big presentation tomorrow I have had some great stress dreams. 1) flunking out of college (again) because I wasn’t going to archery class (as if) and 2) huge water leak in my house. So… sleep has been great this week.

1 day ago

“What’s happening?”, she seemed to say.

1 day ago

The best part of the #adhd medication shortage is not being able to get the meds that allow me to function at a semi normal level. That and the “just buy a planner” crowd


I am looking for some non-US NFT artists... anyone got some names for me?


I am very sleepy today so I need a good upbeat spotify playlist. please send links

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OH SHIT!!! it is!!!


i got a little / happy with my new lines today... gotta chill out


Generating names using AI and @harper has come up more than once.


It is Monday!! What Web3 Bombshell is dropping this week?


Happy Veteran's day to all the Veterans and their families.


With all the nonsense that is happening in the world right now I keep thinking that history teachers are sitting at their desks saying "This is what we warned them about, history repeating itself." before getting in their time machines to return to the future.


On this beautiful election day in the states... please make sure you vote


Race to the bottom!!! On your mark, get set, GO!!!!


Spent the weekend painting my garage. Garages are soooooo big.


This is my life


Who is ready for the weekend? I get to paint my garage and finish setting up a yarn dyeing studio. And it snowed last night so it is going to be kind of cold while we do all of that. YAY?

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I read this as Macaroni Unicorn