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I only regret, that I have but one morning per day to drink coffee

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PS Plus is pretty good value imo, gives a bunch of the Sony exclusives (Spider-Man, God of War, etc) if you haven’t played them before

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if guys today just think about Roman Empire… what did guys during the Roman Empire think about??

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let’s go around the room

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Late to the party, but just saw Oppenheimer and wow - extra deep bench of notable actors scattered in it Thin Red Line level of “that guy just here for one scene?!” vibes

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playable front to back all bangers

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reject modernity, embrace tradition

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emails about 20%+ price hikes for PS Plus and Nest this week at this point, surprised they didnt put a "Tip 20%/25%/30%" button at the bottom

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I think it is overrated, but it does get better after the first 100 pages

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I’m in the arena trying stuff The arena:

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I’m at the combination arena and WeWork


“Luxury retro gaming accessory” is a niche I didn’t know could exist ($1k upscaler)

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i'll bite - Chainsmokers?


Criterion Collection for movies Stripe Press for books [opportunity?] for video games?


what else are they not telling us??


me: “are you picking your nose” 3 yo: “im cleaning my nose” me: “lmao okay fair”


devastated to learn by experience that most TVs only have 100Mbps ethernet ports, not gigabit


lets activate ancient neurons


any of y’all have solar on your roof? i’ve done very little research but this was interesting to watch ($120k install / $30k tax credit -> save $9k/year)

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guys literally only want one thing and it’s to tell you about backdoor roth