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“There is no such thing as a perfect content recommen-“

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wow, this site is an incredible feat of SEO i had an extremely specific time range question ("how many months between X and Y"), googled it, and voila this site had a SEO-friendly page specifically for it and, naturally, it has a ton of ads

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who can guess, in order, the top 5 wallets selected on mobile in Plaid Wallet Onboard?

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when “Follow-ups about 2022 return” from your CPA hits the inbox

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10 days ago specific game but iirc is fairly in-depth on the minutiae, which gave me a better sense for studios generally

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what’s the impact of Signature closing down?

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dinner table tonight explaining the past 48 hours to my wife

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thank you for bringing the spice to the timeline

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gm todays inspiration is Michael B Jordan’s love of anime

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i think it starts with early 2000s hipster/brooklyn culture bringing back facial hair, slowly becoming more mainstream until culminating in this

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if all the data for these is open / permissionless (not sure to what degree this is true) is aggregation of all of them the end-state? will each niches/community self-select into different protocols, but no protocol dominates across communities? (because the data is already available for client-side aggregation?)

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4. under-appreciated alternate reality is one where the iPhone was available on all carriers from day one (instead of four years post-launch), basically preventing much US Android growth

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i have not read this but i find it physically distressing that SICP has a javascript edition now,_JavaScript_Edition everyone should try the lisp/scheme version at least once in their lives, and then never touch lisp again

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3. my tier list for miyazaki films

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2. every time i put a pod in my nespresso i wonder "gee how many microplastics am i about to drink"

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more from the GM button 1. monoliths and monorepos >>> their multi* alternatives

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LLM-based performance review tool that ingests slack messages, docs, git, etc will augment engineering managers to heavily flatten organizations spot check the LLM summaries on a regular basis, collaborate with it to write a perf review/promo doc, focus more on coaching with people and not status updates/info digging

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every bank account should also have a crypto wallet attached to it/managed by the bank (there are many reasons why this is sub-optimal! but would do wonders for adoption)

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i worry that the more frequent and escalating dopamine hits we get from constant internet availability has made it even more difficult for modern adults to deal with raising young children, which is full of comparative tedium and monotony (particularly ages ~0-3)

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gm every gm i will reply with a hot take first up - as someone who wrote objective-c for years, this is my review of Swift after two days as a tourist

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"Here is a simple model for software engineering: 1. You want to build a feature 2. You write some code to make the feature work 3. Go back to step 1 This model is obviously oversimplified, but it's a good start. Let me make three points about this model."

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sometimes iOS users' universal link settings can get out of whack, which causes wallet connections to fail i noticed reddit even built a little detection flow and gif to help users fix this for their normal deeplinks!

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yeah grovemade should build this not anker