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It is in the community's interest to visualize something more solid and physical, this puts corporate nuances to the test.

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There is no example of another similar collaboration for the Nouns, it is noticeable when considering the legal nuances and stages. It is in the community's interest to visualize something more solid and physical, this puts corporate nuances to the test.

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i love ronaldinho, but the question is an iq test more than anything else. statistically, it's close to impossible for ronaldinho to outperform messi. but i agree there were moments of brilliance where he'd outshine anyone.

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“If you’re going on a date, how is a woman even going to get in the car?” Elon making sure the roadster worked for women. Better than crash test dummy story, but still women are thought of as an accessory (a man’s date) not a main actor (the driver) 🤬

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This argument reminds me of growth marketers who prefer going off feel vs using data to test campaign performance and optimize. Measure what matters.

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we do a little A/B testing

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I have participated in some quest to test the network. Their network is working really good when it comes to scalability and txn cost. But they’re maybe struggling because of bear market 📉 and less liquidity right now which makes the network almost dead.

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“build what the world needs” is *mostly said by a lot of fluffy, noobass, insecure saints the real test starts when shit doesn’t work our for days, months, years, or decades. the only thing that can get us past that is our own genuine obsession. fuck the world, and just build what *you want.

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Today, we are launching an experiment that makes it incredibly easy to share art from any existing @botfrens collection on your socials. I would appreciate it if you could help test this and give this feature a try. Here's the @vangogh collection

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Fuzzy wuzzy test suite.

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FOLLOW-UP: this question is a version of a Japanese personality test that surfaces your priorities, particularly in stressful or exciting situations. the animal you chose to leave behind represents an area of life you would be willing to sacrifice. what each animal represents is threaded below :)

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Damn, @vitalik.eth, just tested out what your experience might look like in our next update, itsssss sooooooo gooooooooood, it’s insane. It opens an entire world of what’s happening on Ethereum+ that you haven’t discovered yet 🤯

Alex Grover@alexgrover.eth
1 day ago

Hello builders! I’m working on a Neynar client library for React - should enable you to get up and running in minutes! Sign in is implemented, and working on feed and cast APIs today. Testing and feedback appreciated 🫡

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I have lots of ideas that extend well beyond what can be tested atm. one general aspect I'd like is for the range to increase dramatically on both edges, and overall some buffer for stressors. e.g. will we get century/millenium/etc bonds? how do kids & seniors manage insurance? how do the terms evolve in accuracy?

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I always thought the Mom Test was a startup 101 book-length-article for people who never read business lit Apparently I was wrong?

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Joe Blau@joeblau
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Google “the mom test pdf” and go to the examples section. The book does a very thorough job of explaining it.

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It's my understanding that it's ready and that they are just doing some final tests, so I'll take it.

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i think the testing keeps you on track because you gotta study!

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started off with an app, but now doing in-person tutoring to improve my speaking/listening skills i’m also doing standardized testing (HSK exams in a test center) bc apparently i’m addicted to being a student

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GabrielAyuso.eth ⌐◨-◨@gabrielayuso.eth
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👍 I got v2 on Android early for testing, want to make sure others have it too.

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Rolling out a smart wallet infrastructure in the next few days - thinking about opening it to dev and start testing and improve it

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“Uncertainty doesn’t come occasionally, singly, or in isolated categories. It’s the ocean in which we swim for most of our working lives.” Patients and providers need to cope with and effectively comms uncertainty Inability to do so fuels distrust, excessive testing

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Test #2: cross-post w/ an image via @yup

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Both of them are leading. The second question is literally the first example of a “awful question” in the book The Mom Test.