Venkatesh Rao ☀️@vgr

I understand LinkedInification now. It is posting like you don’t expect to be or heard at all, because the experience is so rare you can’t distinguish it from just talking into the void. LinkedInified people act with confused terror if anyone ever replies to them with more than likes or phatic speech.

Venkatesh Rao ☀️@vgr

I’ve been commenting on the ongoing linkedinification of twitter but I wonder if both are a kind of showrooming effect for You, the Product. LinkedIn has always been a showroom for presenting yourself to potential employers. Twitter is now a showroom for the Musk court (~70 actual people he follows, courtiers)

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Dan Romero@dwr

I knew the LinkedInification of Farcaster would happen one day, just never thought so soon. 🥲